Subject: Customer Feedback from T. Toney
From: Tonie Toney
Date: Tue, December 06, 2011 8:20 pm
To: JLanza@GvilleAuto.com

TO: Mr. John Lanza General Manager, Hyundai of Gainesville
FROM: Tonie A. Toney, customer
REGARDING: My Experience with Your Dealership

Dear Mr. Lanza,
I have a tendency to be "long-winded" particularly when I'm pleased. There are enough people in this world who continually complain and I'm one to attempt to counter that bad human habit. The fact is, my experience with your dealership on November 29 was totally pleasant both via on-line communication, phone, and on the site.

I met you briefly on the floor on the east side of your establishment and was pleased that you had time to exchange some pleasantries with me. I, with my wife, were about to do the paperwork with Dennis Guenther on our purchase of a new Veloster. I was so very pleased with his mood, his manner and his demeanor. We felt relaxed throughout the transaction. Our questions were answered very nicely without hesitation. I was tied in knots because my money is "scared" money and I'm not accustomed to making such purchases in such a relaxed manner. I give him credit for helping me immensely to be comfortable.

The catalyst for the sale was Carlos Gonzalez. I made it clear that I was not about to drive all the way up to Gainesville (it turns out to be 64 miles) to be disappointed as I had been at Jenkins in Ocala. Their manner of dealing with me was truly an insult to my intelligence (no matter how limited). Mr. Gonzalez did not let me down. He did not merely talk the talk ? he walked the walk. I like that man and very much appreciate the manner in which he helped me.
His sales consultant was Sebastian Sevano. In my opinion, that young man is a winner, in the truest sense. I came out of there feeling very proud of him. Having retired from college teaching I have had enough experience with his generation to recognize a refreshing level of common sense and maturity in him. I had educated myself on the Veloster, particularly on the dual-clutch transmission which had concerned me at first, and it became apparent to me from the beginning that he had done his homework. He is very well informed about the vehicle. This was not the case at Jenkins ? not even with the service technician who I questioned. Sebastian was very efficient and it seemed that he skillfully anticipated my questions and concerns.

I was pleased with the communication from one end of the spectrum to the other ? from my chat with you to the dialog with the good-humored gentleman who washed the car.
Two others were nice to deal with: 1) the gentleman who installed the pin stripes who was determined to be sure that I was happy and 2) extremely knowledgeable Jason Nowacki who discussed the transmission with me and the installation of the mud guards, which, incidentally, I have received in the mail. I think my wife is going to wrap them and put them under the tree so I won't be installing them just yet.

As for the vehicle itself. What fun it is to drive! It's not perfect, and I expect that a few service bulletins will come out to clear some of the quirks ? but I'm very happy with the purchase. At age 72 it will give me the incentive to continue staying in good shape so that I can get in and out of the little puddle-jumper. The drive home was 64 miles and I've added only another 100 or so here locally. With that mixed driving I'm averaging 32 mpg which is great. This is particularly true because I'm avoiding the economy mode until I break it in in accordance with what the owner's manual suggests.

Thanks once again. I look forward to seeing you again. I do not have the e-mail addresses of most of the people I mentioned. Please forward this to them so they will know how very happy I am to have met them and to have experienced their professionalism. I received a phone call a few days ago where I was asked to rate the dealership from 1 to 10 and of course I indicated a TEN. I have yet to receive the survey which is to come but you can be sure that my response will be all tens ? higher if there is an open-ended section where I can specify.

Yours Truly,
Tonie Toney

Clay Electric, an electric utility in North Florida operates a fleet of over 100 Ford vehicles in its daily work. We have used Ford of Gainesville for warranty repairs on our Ford vehicles. Ford of Gainesville's service department often exceeds our expectations for repairs on our trucks. The quality of their repair work is very good and one area where they excel is communication. We receive regular calls from the service representative with up dates on the status of our vehicle repairs and the estimated time of completion. This good communication helps us very much with scheduling and planning. Overall a very well run service department that we will continue to use. 

Bryan Stanley
Fleet Manager
Clay Electric

In order for Davis Gas Co. to maintain a high level of service for its customers, we must have our ford service trucks running efficiently. That's where Ford of Gainesville comes in; Ford of Gainesville's service dept. has never let us down! Their customer service is superior. They do what they say their going to when they say their going to do it, and it's done efficiently and correctly. If there is a need to alter the plan their communication with us is timely with specific corrective action to be taken. It's a pleasure doing business with an organization that is truly interested in there customers.

Sam LeNeave
Davis Gas Co.
Gainesville, FL.

I felt like I was more than a prospective buyer. Sebastian was friendly and knowledgeable. He understood that I wanted a new Mustang mainly because of the SYNC feature. Our 2010 Ford Mustang was a total loss and sync called emergency personnel for us. SYNC was a must have. My husband searched for a replacement car that was offered at a fair price. Sebastian worked with us so that we came away from the deal happy.

Susan Ross
Valdosta, GA

They do for you anything based on your expectation and budget. I bought a new car at that dealership and they suggested me a good loan.
Gainesville, FL

Have been customers of this dealership for a number of years and have been pleased with their assistance to us, so we returned to trade in our 2002 Lincoln Town Car and purchase a new 2011 Lincoln Town car from them. We started with Warren (manager) and were referred to Sales Consultant David Swan for additional asistance. He couldn't have been nicer or more helpful from start to finish and he even helped us remove our groceries we'd just purchased from the old car and place them in the new one that we drove home later that afternoon!! He also windexed the interior of a window that looked a bit smudged and provided us with water and friendly conversation. Dealing with Jackie Fralic (finance manager) was also a pleasure and she was efficient and helpful. We would certainly recommend this dealership and their staff to our friends and neighbors not only for the "fast track" purchase we made, but for the ways they have provided warranty work during the 9 years of prior ownership of a Lincoln. Outstanding. 
Charlie & Dottie Estes
Gainesville, FL

Great friendly service and great selection. Tracey is the best. Friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely come back for my next vehicle. I was looking for a high mileage vehicle, and they had many to choose from. The service here is also excellent as they have serviced my past vehicles. 
Gainesville, FL

My experience with Sebastion Savona was outstanding. He provided me with phenomenal service. He was very knowledgeable about the vehicles. He knew what I wanted. He was very polite and friendly as if I knew him for a long time. He gave me the best price that any other dealer could give me.
Medford, NY

I highly recommend this dealership. I recently went here looking for a new car and was helped by Sebastian Savona. He was more than capable of providing me with all the information I was looking for and answered any questions I had. He also provided what I would call perfect customer service. I highly recommend Ford Lincoln Mercury and Sebastian Savona.
Holtsville, NY

I came down to this dealership and Sebastian Savona helped me out and it was a great customer service very impressed. He answered all my questions and informed me very well. definitely recommend Ford Lincoln Mercury of Gainesville and Sebastian Savona.
Jerry Peralta
Copiague, NY

If you wand a very easy, straightforward transaction, along with a great deal, then ask for Tracy Davis! They worked with me on several scenarios and different financing options on different vehicles. I came away 100% satisfied that I got what I wanted. The business manager, sales manager, and everyone I dealt with were all great, and obviously highly valued giving great customer service.
Gainesville, FL

I've been a customer of Ford Lincoln Mercury Hyundai of Gainesville for around 5 years. I have always received the best customer care possible. When I call for an appointment, anyone of the above mentioned representatives treat me with respect and kindness. I highly recommend this dealership and their customer care and service.

In my experience, FLMH of G'ville go out of their way to make sure I'm a satisfied customer. I've tried independent repair shops, but I always come back to the dealership; I can count on the work being done correctly and not patched-up. If for some reason, which happens rarely, that something still isn't working properly, they make sure it is fixed to my satisfaction, and it is done with a helpful attitude.

While I always grumble about the price of the repairs, I leave knowing the job was done properly.

Because I am treated with such kindness and respect, I return to this dealership and highly recommend it to others. They really are a great team!

Addendum: I forgot to mention Louie, he's the shuttle driver. He is such a nice man. Always helpful, friendly and curtious. He makes the trip back to work, from the garage, a pleasant experience. 

I've only recently had any interation with Allen. He always has a warm and friendly smile, but I can't write much about him, yet, as I really don't know him.
Gainesville, FL

Alan Boyd and Warren Doria were very friendly and professional. I was very satisfied with the way they answered my questions and I felt that they were very interested in giving me a "good deal".I will be very happy to recommend these salespersons and the dealership to my friends.
Tim Palmer
Gainesville, FL