Dashboard Lights and Icons

What Do the Lights on My Dashboard Mean
in Gainesville, FL?

While some drivers may already know what their dashboard indicators mean, most drivers are still confused when a light turns on in their dash. Some lighted icons are harmless, like your high beam indicator ("brights"), but other lights can mean more serious issues. This is why it's important to know what these indicators on your dashboard mean. For more specific information about the lights in your make and model, refer to your owner's manual. Keep reading to learn more about some of the more common dashboard lights and indicators that are typically seen.


Check Engine or Malfunction Indicator Light

This light should definitely not be ignored. It indicates that your vehicle has found a problem with the engine, and it may lead to the system functioning abnormally. There are several possible causes for this light, so make sure to bring your vehicle to a professional as soon as possible for an inspection.

Coolant Temperature
Warning Light

This light means the temperature of your vehicle's engine has become abnormally high. Be sure to stop the car and turn off the engine immediately so it can cool down.


Oil Pressure Warning Light

This indicates the oil pressure in your vehicle is low. It's time for an oil change and an inspection.

Battery/Charging Warning Light

Pop the hood if you see this light come on. The battery voltage level is low, possibly because of a broken fan belt, faulty wiring or even simply the age of the battery. If you don't find anything wrong, bring your car in for a diagnosis.


Door Ajar Indicator Light

This light simply means one of the doors or the trunk is not closed all the way. Double check all doors.

Tire Pressure Monitoring
System Light

A tire (or more than one) needs more pressure, meaning you should find a gas station with an air pump. After consulting your owner's manual, pump your tires and check the poundage with a tire pressure gauge. The light should turn off shortly after the pressure is corrected.


Brake System Light

This light can indicate one of four issues: your parking brake is on while driving, the brake fluid is low, there's an ABS problem or there is a bigger issue with the braking system. Release the parking brake and have your brake fluid checked.

Traction Control Indicator Light

Watch out for slippery roads due to rain. This light comes on when your car’s traction control is in use during inclement weather.


Security Indicator Light

This light indicates that there's a malfunction in the security system. Be sure to make an appointment with your local dealer for an inspection.

Cruise Control Indicator Light

Cruise control has been activated.

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