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The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Electric or hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular as the driving range of a hybrid vehicle keeps getting longer and longer. The idea of not having to pay for fuel as frequently also makes hybrid vehicles more appealing. And if you are one of the many drivers in the Gainesville area who is in the market for a new hybrid vehicle? Then look no further than the classy and luxurious Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.


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Learn about the Convenience of the Lincoln Way Mobile App

As a local dealership focused on offering drivers their choice from one of the remaining classic luxury brands, our team at Parks Lincoln of Gainesville has been able to enjoy the progressive nature of our Lincoln models over the last few years. One of the all-new methods available to our Gainesville owners has been the Lincoln Way app for iPhone and Android. With this installed onto your smartphone, each of our customers is able to access a wide array of commands and services - such as the Ask Lincoln Concierge feature!

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All-New Lincoln Continental Awarded with Top Safety Pick+ from IIHS

For drivers in Gainesville looking to claim a classic-inspired luxury vehicle once again, the all-new Lincoln Continental promises to appeal to the brand's nostalgia with a greater display of modern technologies than ever before. Not only is this reintroduced model eager to prove its worth with its cabin comforts and powerful engine options, but its available safety capabilities stand out for our customers at Parks Lincoln of Gainesville. As a result of its standard for security, the IIHS was quick to award the Lincoln Continental with a 2017 Top Safety Pick+.

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Wash Your Car Regularly

Washing your car regularly appears like a no-brainer. But once the novelty wears off, we tend to forget about our car. It is just another thing that transports us from one place to another.

But just like any other thing, even a car needs care and maintenance.

Washing a car is not for looks alone. It also ensures that minimal dust, pollution, grime, bird droppings and such other things enter your car and damage it. All these are acidic things that can damage the clear coat finish and paint of your car.

Besides, the windscreen should always be clean. Even…

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Rotate Your Tires to Prevent Uneven Wear

Tires are indisputably one of the most important parts on the car. Like shoes, they are available in many different sizes and prices. Like shoes, they start to wear out over time. And when they do, things can get dangerous very quickly.

However, the good news is that this process can be slowed down. This is done by a system called tire rotation. It has nothing to do with tires turning round and round, and it has everything to do with switching the tires around once in a while. This is usually done when you go in for an oil…
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Roadside Emergency Kit Benefits For All Drivers

When you're on the road, bad things can happen. No one wants to think about them, but it's true. Your best bet is to be prepared for anything. That's where a good roadside emergency kit becomes important. There are several benefits that come with this.

Lighting Dark Areas

Road flares and a flashlight can light up dark areas. This can help keep you and other drivers stay safe. It can also help signal emergency vehicles that are passing by. Light is critical when the skies turn dark from night or storms.

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