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Drive Straight: Have Your Car Alignment Checked

As a car owner, you may notice that while driving, your car is pulling to the right. Perhaps there is a slight vibration with the steering wheel, helping you realize it is time for an alignment. What exactly are the auto mechanics fixing to make sure your car is properly aligned? Below are some explanations of what is involved in an alignment:

  • Camber - Camber refers to the angle of the tire when looking at it from the front of the vehicle. If the tire is tilting too much inward or outward, then the camber needs to be adjusted. 
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Stop Spending Too Much on Oil Changes

The 3,000-mile rule has been followed by responsible automobile owners for decades because their parents and grandparents followed it. The difference between you and the older generation is advanced auto technology. Mechanical technology and improved synthetic oils extend oil change schedules from 3,000-miles to 7,500 miles for a car or truck built in the last 20 years.

To be sure, check your vehicle’s owner’s manual. In the owner’s manual, you can learn about the appropriate oil change schedule for your make and model.

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Why Should You Get Your Car Serviced at the Dealership?

Of course there are many places in town where you can get your car serviced. There are plenty of sole proprietorships that do excellent work as well as brand names auto servicing establishments. The mechanics here at Parks Lincoln of Gainesville, however, specializes in the brand name of the automobile that you are currently driving. They have factory trained mechanics who know more about your car than anyone else in the world. They back their work with the guarantee that it will be diagnosed and completed the right way.

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Driving Safely in the Fall Months

During fall, the weather may begin to change and turn iffy. This can mean changing road conditions. Though practicing proper driving safety is always a good idea, there are a few things that you can do to help prep your vehicle for autumn.

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Rotate Your Tires to Prevent Uneven Wear

Tires are indisputably one of the most important parts on the car. Like shoes, they are available in many different sizes and prices. Like shoes, they start to wear out over time. And when they do, things can get dangerous very quickly.

However, the good news is that this process can be slowed down. This is done by a system called tire rotation. It has nothing to do with tires turning round and round, and it has everything to do with switching the tires around once in a while. This is usually done when you go in for an oil…
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Knowing your Car: Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

Always check your owner's manual first. It will specify which oil your car was designed to work with. It's important to understand which type of oil your engine requires, as applying the wrong type of oil could lead to decreased performance and even engine damage. While it's important to know which type of oil your engine needs, it's equally important to understand why your engine needs that oil.

What's the difference between synthetic vs. conventional oil?


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