As a car owner you know that routine maintenance is important to keeping your car running at its best. One part that needs to be checked is the timing belt, and below are two signs that your timing belt needs to be changed:

  • Ticking Noise- If you notice a ticking noise coming from your engine it may be a sign that your timing belt is going bad. The timing belt is attached with a series of pulleys to the crank and cam shaft and if the timing belt is going bad it can cause these systems to run out of sync causing a ticking sound.
  • Engine Won’t Turn Over- Since the timing belt is responsible for operating the crank and camshaft; if it is broken the car engine will not start. If the timing belt has broken it can cause other internal damage to the engine so it is important to check if routinely before it ends up breaking.

At Parks Lincoln of Gainesville we want to make sure all drivers and their families are safe, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your vehicles timing belt come visit our service center and speak with one of our experts.

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