As a car owner, you may notice that while driving, your car is pulling to the right. Perhaps there is a slight vibration with the steering wheel, helping you realize it is time for an alignment. What exactly are the auto mechanics fixing to make sure your car is properly aligned? Below are some explanations of what is involved in an alignment:

  • Camber - Camber refers to the angle of the tire when looking at it from the front of the vehicle. If the tire is tilting too much inward or outward, then the camber needs to be adjusted. This could possibly mean that suspension parts, like bearings and ball joints, may need to be replaced.
  • Toe - Toe refers to the angle of the tire when looking down on it. If the tire is turned inward or outward, then your toe needs to be adjusted to ensure your tires are properly aligned.
  • Caster - Caster refers to the angle of your car's steering axis when you look at your car from the side. Proper caster alignment is essential to stability, steering, and cornering when driving your car.

At Parks Lincoln of Gainesville, we want to make sure that all drivers have cars with a proper alignment for safety and to keep from unnecessary wear and tear leading to costly repairs. Come visit our Lincoln service station in Gainesville, FL and speak with an expert about your car's alignment.

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