Have you ever heard of baking soda and vinegar revolutionizing the appearance of headlamps but never understood the technique behind the magic? Read on to find out how you can bring your headlights back to life by mixing a few home products and applying yourself to the cleansing process.

You can begin your purifying session by mixing a bit of detergent with water. It is essential that you make sure that there is enough soap mixed in with the water before you add baking soda and vinegar. You do not want your solution to be overpowered by the primary cleaning agents as baking soda and vinegar, when combined, have the power to strip surfaces. Remember that the purpose is to get your headlamps clean. You do not want to ruin the base.

Mix a small measure of both baking soda and vinegar in your soap and water mixture. You should immediately notice a chemical reaction that comes in the form of bubbles. It may take a bit of elbow grease coupled with patience to get the results you desire. Nevertheless, hard work and diligence pay off in the end.

Of course, seeking the services of a professional is always a good idea if you require repairs for your car’s headlights. Visit our service center here at Parks Lincoln of Gainesville in Gainesville, FL today for an inspection.

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