Whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV, your vehicle likely weights several thousand pounds. Keeping this rolling weight controlled during operation is a prime concern, and your tires are on the front lines of the battle for traction.

Making sure that your tires are in relatively good condition can help you to maintain traction and may prevent the onset of the dangerous phenomenon called hydroplaning. Hydroplaning can happen when you drive your vehicle in wet road conditions. Under the right circumstances, a wedge of water can form between your tires and the surface of the road, resulting in a complete loss of control. This situation is more likely to develop with tires that are worn.

Worn tire-lugs can lose depth and flexibility. When this happens, the ability of the tires to maintain contact with the road may be compromised, making hydroplaning more likely.

Here at our facility in the Gainesville area, our suspension system experts can help you to avoid the perils of excessive lug-wear. For a quick check-up, swing by the Parks Lincoln of Gainesville service center today for a no-obligation visit.

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