When engine oil gets old, your engine can be at risk for damage. It goes without saying that an oil change should be a regular part of life as a car owner.

Engine oil breaks down as it ages. As it becomes thinner and more soiled, the protection, it provides to the engine's moving parts degrades. This can lead to overheating, parts wearing out, and other complications. It can then often take pricey repairs to get your car back in working condition.

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A good rule of thumb? Get an oil change with every car inspection. Then, if you drive a lot, get one every 3-5,000 miles. You can also find more vehicle-specific oil change advice in your car's owners manual.

If you've been running oil in your engine for too long, come down to Parks Lincoln. Our service center in Gainesville, FL can get your oil change done and make sure that your car is in proper working order.

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