We all know how much our kids are excited about this night. They have been selecting and designing their outfits for weeks. They have been invited to several parties, too. It is vital for all drivers to be hyper-vigilant on Halloween night for the following reasons:

  • When the children and the teens are excited, they might not be so keen to observe safety precautions.
  • Most of the costumes the kids wear are dark. It might be difficult to see them while driving in the neighborhoods.
  • Due to the excitement, they might be playing openly near the street. During their outing, they might suddenly jump into the road.
  • The face masks they wear might obstruct their view. Therefore, they might not see you as you drive towards them.

Here at Parks Lincoln of Gainesville we look forward to a fun-filled Halloween night. Safety of both our clients and your kids is our concern.

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