Electric or hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular as the driving range of a hybrid vehicle keeps getting longer and longer. The idea of not having to pay for fuel as frequently also makes hybrid vehicles more appealing. And if you are one of the many drivers in the Gainesville area who is in the market for a new hybrid vehicle? Then look no further than the classy and luxurious Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.

Powering the Lincoln MKZ hybrid is a 2.0-liter four cylinder engine with a 1.4-kWh lithium-ion battery. The electric battery also features a regenerative braking system and a permanent-magnet AC-synchronous electric motor. The result is a very fuel efficient Lincoln MKZ that delivers an electrifying driving performance. Paired with the Lincoln MKZ's hybrid engine is an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission and Electronic Power Assisted Steering. The Electronic Power Assisted Steering provides you with smooth fluid steering at low speeds and more control at higher speeds as well as continuously adapting to changing road conditions.

To really experience the Lincoln MKZ hybrid and everything it has to offer come down to Park Lincoln of Gainesville today for a test drive.

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