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Knowing your Car: Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

Always check your owner's manual first. It will specify which oil your car was designed to work with. It's important to understand which type of oil your engine requires, as applying the wrong type of oil could lead to decreased performance and even engine damage. While it's important to know which type of oil your engine needs, it's equally important to understand why your engine needs that oil.

What's the difference between synthetic vs. conventional oil? Synthetic Oil - an artificial blend of chemicals that mimic the effects of using natural oil. Conventional Oil - This is just natural oil blended with additives to preserve the oil and help it perform better in the engine.

How does this knowledge help you? Most automakers are migrating to synthetic blends, but depending on your make, model driving conditions and a variety of other factors, conventional oil may be the better choice for your engine. Of course, knowing which oil to use is only half the battle. When the time comes and you need an oil change, trust your car to our service center staff, let us set up an appointment for you.

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